Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Hardy

Director of Human Resources

Allie Copeland

Director of Sales

Josh Lane

Sales Manager

Tammy Klein

Sales Manager

Keyton Schweighauser

Sales Manager

David Hatzfeld

Sales Manager

Sean Ellsworth

Agency Manager

Kelli Kromnacker

Office Manager

Andria Fuller

Client Care Engagement Representative

Becky Ferris

Operations Specialist

Brenda Noer

Sales Trainer

Chris Burgos

Financial Controller

Colleen Anderson

Client Care Rep Supervisor

Derek Tucker

Client Care Coordinator

Jessica Duckworth

Human Resources Coordinator

Jordan Williams

New Business Manager

Lindsay Johnson

Licensing Coordinator

Margaret Leach

Operations Supervisor

Thane Clark

Client Care Support Representative

Tina Trenshaw

Client Care Engagement Representative

Will Raupp

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